With this event we want to reward advertisers who serve as role models for their professionalism, their courage and their contribution to the trade.

The Advertiser Personality of the Year award will go to the advertiser who has, over several years, contributed positively to the profession. This person has run eye-catching advertising campaigns, has possibly received several awards (CCB/EFFIE/CANNES) and has organized brand supporting activities.

An advertiser is someone who decides on the communication activities of the brand, as well as on the content, the budget and the media selection. He/she takes decision in a heartbeat, audacity included.

The participants are evaluated using the following criteria: results (40 pts), engagement (15 pts), vision (15 pts), passion (15 pts) and innovation (15 pts).

We have selected following professionals to be part of the APOY jury 2019:


  • Kristof Ampe, Swinkels Brewery
  • David Favest, Touring


  • Harry Demey, LDV United
  • François Chaudoir, Space


  • Bart Demeulenaere, SBS
  • Marc Vossen, NGroup

APOY organizers:

  • Chris Van Roey, UBA, president of the jury
  • Philippe Warzée, PUB